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YIZHI Thickener

2010616192528552.jpgKGM's high thickening  property is determined by its heavy molecules, high water retaining  capacity and uncharged-particle characteristic. Glucomannan solution  with a concentration of 1% can have viscosity as high as  5000-40000mPa.s, which makes it a natural thickener with the highest  viscosity. Konjac powder has the capacity that can make the products  keep solid and moisturize structure after being heated, which is not  available in any other ordinary thickeners.   



Dairy Applications

Konjac  interacts and reacts well to milk proteins as it promotes the smooth  and thorough dispersion of even the most delicate ingredients in milk  and dairy products.


Konjac offers the following advantages:  

Serves as protein stabilizer by inhibiting the precipitation of casein thru binding with casein globules

Interacts with milk protein in as low as 0.01% to stabilize milk systems

Aids in increasing the viscosity of the ice cream mix

Maintains product texture during temperature fluctuations

Provides smooth and homogenous meltdown

Imparts a creamy, firm body

Prevents precipitation of milk casein


Petfood Application 

Konjac  's main function is to provide stable form and homogeneous appearance  to various petfood systems such as chunks-in-loaf (CIL), chunks-in-jelly  (CIJ) and chunks in-gravy (CIG).


The use of Konjac Gum offers the following advantages:

Adds richness to the gravy

Prevents fat separation during processing

Imparts a desirable can filling viscosity

Maintains a uniform moisture throughout the can

Facilitates easy unmolding from the can

Reduces syneresis of the product to a minimum level 


Others Application

As stabilizer or emulsifier for many food products, such as chocolate.

As additive in instant food drinks, to keep food particles liquid in mixture;

As emulsifier, to give certain foods a smooth consistency, while serving as a binder to keep mixture of food intact.

As medicinal ingredients in the preparation of surgical jellies

As sizing for textiles and toothpastes

Suitable for air freshener gel to promotes uniform release of fragrance oil

Used in the finished beer product to improve wort and beer clarity

Giving stable emulsions for insoluble drug preparations