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Our Advantage

Material advantage: the company located within the vegetation Changyang excellent warm climate, sea level in most areas are 500 - 1,200 meters, and is the main producing konjac, konjac good company all the self Fan 2 mu demonstration base, and incorporated Yichang City, the first Amorphophallus cooperatives, cooperative arrangements for year-round full-time technician in the growing regional cycle training, guidance to promote pollution-free planting, organic farming and other ecological cropping patterns, guide and lead Changyang 10 mu konjac plant production base, to ensure the stability of income of farmers and companies the security of supply of raw materials, fresh konjac. Seed companies are set up tissue culture center for disease resistance and base the development of konjac to provide better seed sources

Storage advantages:

鈶  5000m2 Steel Tong Toushi storage sheds fresh konjac, konjac avoid fresh deterioration of traditional storage processes, variability of occurrence, as the strong foundation laid out fine.

鈶� 2000m3 professional cold storage to ensure the konjac product-specific physical and chemical properties can be consistent, and timely carried out according to the needs of partners, amount of rationing.

Research advantage: with Huazhong University of Science, Huazhong Agricultural University to establish technology partnership to engage the global konjac processing technology the most mature Japanese experts as technical advisers, to Yichang City, konjac Processing Engineering Research Center for technical support backing, in 2008 production Konjac dietary fiber products, not only filled in Hubei Province "instant konjac fiber" blank, also marks the first nationwide fiber production line konjac put into mass production. In 2009 the company continued to increase scientific and technological input, "konjac Effervescent dietary fiber" has obtained national patent, Ash made of seed coating agent and then use the first test has also been successful, colloidal jelly rubber compound, meatballs glue has developed successful and widely used market, the Company's new product development - "Konjac dry" and many flavors of dietary fiber, konjac flour first test has been completed, expected in the second half to the market.

Transportation Advantage: The company is located in Changyang Economic Development Zone, 318 National Road, from the Three Gorges Airport. Yichang Railway Station 40 km, 20 km from the golden waterway, the selected site in the "water capital" of the Three Gorges Yichang, water, electricity, communications, and other conditions of complete.